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Keratin Hair Treatments: Everything You Need To Know

The District was a scorching 90-degrees today, with a humidity index of 45% -- and over the coming weeks, it’s only going to get hotter. According to Accuweather, the first heat wave of the year is on the horizon; predictions show temperatures remaining in the low to mid-90s for the next 7-10 days -- ouch!

This forecast -- although predictable for the DMV area in late June -- signifies the first of many, many bad hair days.

But, thanks to an overwhelming amount of hair treatment options, it doesn’t have to be!

If you want a long-term solution to your frizzy, dry, or damaged hair, then a keratin hair treatment -- also known as a Brazilian blowout -- may be your best option!

While there are hundreds of in-salon and at-home hair smoothing treatments available on the market today, it only takes ONE keratin hair treatment to achieve silky, Instagram-ready hair for the summer.

So, what exactly is keratin?

All hair-smoothing treatments involve the use of protein keratin -- a fibrous protein found naturally in the hair that acts as a protective shield against humidity: the primary cause of frizz.

Eventually, the hair loses keratin from exposure to the sun, environment, styling, and chemical services, which cause porous spots to develop. Most frizz, breakage, and tangling is due to overly porous hair.

What keratin hair treatments do is fill in the gaps where keratin has been depleted -- leaving the hair healthier and less susceptible to humidity. On top of this, the powerful treatment repairs damage and breakage and rebuilds strength to make smoother, shinier and healthier-looking hair, which, in turn, improves manageability and reduces styling time.

Smoothing treatments like Goldwell Kerasilk and Cezanne differ from Brazilian blowouts because they don't actually alter the texture of your hair whereas keratin treatments completely straighten your hair texture.

If you're happy with your natural waves and curls, opt for a normal smoothing treatment.

If you want flat-iron straight hair, a Brazilian blowout will give you the best results in the shortest amount of time.

How it works:

According to, the entire process -- which takes about 30-40 minutes in-chair -- when done correctly, will straighten out your hair texture and completely eliminate frizz for up to three months.

Step #1

Pre-treatment: removes surface buildup and prepares the cuticle

Step #2

Application: the keratin treatment penetrates the cuticles -- repairing damage and smoothing the hair shaft

Step #3

Keratin Complex treatments applied: a 10-15 minute brush and bowl application is applied

Step #4

Hair shape is adjusted: blow dryer and flat irons are used to seal in the treatment, creating a humidity-resistant finish

What to expect afterward:

Depending on which treatment you have done to your hair, there is some downtime involved. For roughly 3 days afterward, it’s recommended not to touch your hair whatsoever -- you can’t clip it back, put it in a ponytail, braid it, or wash it, or you’ll risk denting your hair and ruining the treatment.

If you know someone who has received a keratin hair treatment and now has pin-straight hair, you can't always expect the same outcome for yourself. Everyone's hair is different and the process used at each salon varies. According to specialists, however, a keratin treatment should straighten even the tightest curls. It's all dependent on how strong the treatment is, how it was applied, what temperature the flat iron was, and how porous your hair is.

Before scheduling your treatment, make sure you do the right research, read reviews, and speak with your stylist openly about what you do and don't want out of the treatment.

But, don't stress too much. It'll wash out in a few months no matter what.

Have any questions? Contact me today by emailing or call me at (571) 249-6962!

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