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New Year, New Hair Trends

It's officially 2018! Want a new, refreshing look? Check out 4 different hair trends for 2018!

1. Wet hair look

The first new trend of the new year is the classic wet hair look. Although this trend has been around, 2018's look is a little different where individuals can be more loose and avant garde with this style. Rather than it being super straight and slick, it has become popular to have fun with this style such as wearing wet curls, celebrating wispy hairs, and creating an overall free flowing look. In colder regions, it may not be ideal to keep your hair wet when going out, therefore, it may be feasible to use different products in your hair to create this undone, wet hair look. This may cause a change in your hair washing schedule but it is definitely worth it!


2. Platinum blonde

Platinum blonde is also another style that is not unique to 2018. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Zoë Kravitz, Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Lawrence, etc. have showcased this blonde prior to the new year. However, the obsession with blonde and the urge to go lighter is a trend that will continue into the new year. This icy look is relevant for the winter season but can also look fab during the summer months with tan skin and a sundress. Platinum blonde is a win win!


3. Curls

Go big or go home with your curls in 2018! Letting out your natural curls is going to be a popular trend this year. Don't feel pressured to spend so much time and money on relaxers and Keratin treatments. Let your hair breathe this year and appreciate your natural style. To keep your curls perfectly coiled, limit the number of days you wash your hair. Utilize dry shampoo and try brushing your hair with your

fingers to preserve your beautiful curls!


4. Fringes

It seems as if fringes can never go out of style. We will be seeing many variations of fringes in 2018. Some variations of this style include block fringes, stringy bangs, side bangs, asymmetrical fringes, longer bangs, etc. These variations will be seen with both short and long hair. One of the newer and popular trends in 2018 will be fringes with a lob (long bob). Many are scared to make such a drastic change such as this because of the fear that it is irreversible. It is definitely a change that you have to be confident about before making it. However, the outcome is usually fantastic! It is always fun to try new looks whether it was exactly what you hoped and imagined or not, it definitely is still an experience and memory that you can look back on. Fringes look amazing with any length and at any time of the year. If you are truly considering it, go for it!

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