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5 Things To Consider When Planning a New Hairstyle

1. How much time do you have?

Many women can relate that hair takes a lot of work. It takes time to wash, brush, dry, and style it. This can be very time consuming! Therefore, it is important to consider the amount of time you will have each day to manage it. Most people transform their hair into a pixie haircut to save them with the struggles of dealing with their hair in the morning before work.

If you are one to take a long time in the morning to get ready before work or school, then maybe cutting your hair into a manageable length would be an ideal decision. But, if you have an endless amount of time to get ready, then no need to make a drastic cut!

Time is also something to consider if you want to color or highlight your hair as well. These services typically require you to go into the salon more than one who does not apply color or lightener to their hair. Additionally, in order to provide the best care for your hair, you should also continuously apply hydrating products to make sure the lightener does not dry up your healthy strands.

2. Is your hair healthy?

The health of your hair is an essential priority when it comes to beauty. Without healthy hair, there are numerous stresses that are present. If your hair is typically on the unhealthy side, it may not be the best decision to apply more bleach and chemicals on to it, especially the ends of which receive the least amount of nutrients. Certain steps and measures may be taken to improve the health and to revitalize your hair. These include cutting your hair, using healthy products, and undergoing treatments and masques to bring back sufficient moisture.

If your hair is pretty healthy and you take continuous care of it, then the opportunities for a new do are endless! However, a piece of advice would be to stay careful of using damaging products and tools on your hair, stripping it of its health and natural beauty. If interested in applying color, check with your stylist about what color lines they will be using. Do your research and inquire about healthier, natural, and organic color lines. Also, ask if there are certain products such as shampoos and conditioners that you can use continuously after applying lightener or color to your hair.

3. What are the current trends?

Staying up to date with current trends and styles has always been the norm, since the beginning of time. Therefore, when thinking of a new style, do your research; check out social media, magazines, tv shows, etc. to see what hairstyles are trending. Hairstyle trends can include popular colors, highlights, and/or cuts. It can be as simple as typing into google "current hair trends." Typically, hairstyle trends do not end so suddenly so there is no need to fear that your new do will be out of style too soon. Also, styles are constantly being recycled and old trends are coming back in. If you loved 80's hairstyles, be a trendsetter and bring it back into style!

Doing your research and finding pictures of a style will make it much more likely that your stylist will give you the ultimate look you are dreaming of.

4. What styles look best with your face shape?

Making sure your new hairstyle fits your face shape is extremely essential! Determine your face shape by taking online quizzes. Possible face shapes include oval, round, diamond, square, oblong, heart, etc. After figuring this out, ensure that your new do minimizes the negative qualities and emphasizes the positive attributes of this structure.

Choosing a style that does not match your face structure can lead to unpleasing results. It may make your hair look unnatural, too flat, or similar to a wig. It would serve you well to consult with your stylist and have them determine what types of styles would fit nicely with your face shape.

5. What was your last hairstyle?

Redundancy can be the absolute worst. The next important concept to consider is your previous hairstyles. It is always fun and healthy to get out of your comfort zone and change up your style here and there, it keeps things interesting. Take a trip down memory lane and see what hair dos you have done in the past and whether or not your new style is similar to it. Also, think about how long you have kept your current hairstyle and ponder the thought of changing it into something completely different.

With new hairstyles come new experiences and memories. Worst case scenario, if the new style is not as great as you expected, then at least you will have some funny moments to look back on and laugh about in a few years. However, be confident in your interests and tastes for a new style. Communicate with your stylist about what you like and all the components in your life that factor into your hair care and you will, without a doubt, get the look that you are dreaming of!

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