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Fall Hair Color Trends

The air is definitely getting colder and crisper, so it’s time to start dreaming of what kind of hair color you’re going to turn heads with this fall!

This fall, we’re seeing a little bit of everything, from gray hair being regarded as “cool” again, to healthy and natural color with just a bit of soft highlights.

If you’re not ready to go dark for the winter, why not consider a “cold brew” color—yes, we mean the coffee drink! Take a medium-brown shade and ask your colorist to blend in both highlights and lowlights to transform your hair into a caramel brown, coffee-and-cream swirl that looks oh-so-trendy for fall.

Or, if you’re usually a blonde, but your beach hair is starting to feel flat in the current colder temps, consider adding some strawberry gold highlights for an on-trend look, or even daring to go auburn or full-on copper red like the changing colors of the leaves on the trees.

If you’d rather keep your blonde going but just freshen it up a bit, don’t be afraid to try some “gloss smudging,” or let some lived-in “shadow roots” peek through. In fact, top colorists to the stars say it can be the perfect transition from summer to fall color—keep the roots and the ends of hair a bit darker than usual, and add gentle color and highlights to the mid-shaft of your hair. It looks lively and colorful, and your roots will look less harsh and noticeable when your hair starts to grow out.

You can also freshen up your old summertime blonde highlights by deepening the shade of your roots just a tad—the effect will be that your highlights will suddenly look brighter in contrast, and again, your roots will appear less harsh once they start to grow out. If you really want a color tune-up, consider a warmer, dark golden shade, or a rich caramel.

Lastly, many hair experts will say, fall is the perfect time to boost your hair’s health by giving it a break from bleach and stronger dyes, and opt for a warmer chocolate brown. It’s on trend, and healthy too!

Want something really different to close out 2018? Why not go gray? Or, better yet, silver! Gray and silver hair trends have remained popular since photos first started popping up in celebrity magazines and on social media last winter. Whether you want an icy, all-over silver look, or want to weave some silver highlights or balayage into your existing color, you’re sure to be the talk of the office with your new ‘do.

Do you need an expert opinion on what color will bring out your natural beauty this fall? Contact expert stylist Mora Naieem of Cutting Edge By Mora for a consultation today, and you can be looking your absolute best in time for the holidays!


Could your hair use some expert help? Call or text Cutting Edge By Mora at (571) 249-6962 with your name and desired service to request an appointment.

Cutting Edge By Mora is located at 3000 N. 10th St., Suite C, in Arlington, Virginia in the Clarendon Metro area.

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