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How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?

If you are one to wash your hair every day, then you are in need of a huge change in your life!

Washing your hair every day can be detrimental to the health of your hair because it dries out your scalp leading to an extreme loss of hair and overall thinning. This frequent washing can also lead to a formation of dandruff of which includes shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. This covers your hair in dead skin flakes, which can be frustrating and lead to the thought that your hair is dirty. Additionally, in many cases, it is hard to eliminate the presence of dandruff. Although, you might believe you are doing a good thing and taking care of your hair, you are actually doing the complete opposite. It is important to wash your hair AT MOST every other day. If you can stretch it out for another day or two with the use of some good, healthy dry shampoo then that is even better. Studies have shown that the less you wash your hair, the faster it will grow. Other benefits of not washing it every day include: it is more cost effective, easier to style, lessens the chances of split ends, keeps color lasting longer, saves time, and prevents product build up.

There are a few factors that can lead your hair to get oily faster than normal of which can require you to wash your hair more frequently. These factors include:


As many are aware the air in the United States (especially in the big cities) is not the healthiest. This type of pollution can lead one to have poor skin and oily hair. This muggy air feeling can lead one to also feel as if their hair is dirty and no dry shampoo helps to get rid of that feeling. Therefore, pollution contributes to more frequent hair washing. Some ways to combat this issue include covering your hair when you are in a very industrious area with poor quality air. Covering your hair will protect your scalp from the damage and toxins that affect the overall health of your hair. Another alternative to this includes trying to stay indoors on extremely muggy and sunny days of which leads to stronger pollution.

Oily Cosmetic Products

Oily cosmetics ranging from hair to make up products can lead to an oily scalp and overall oily hair. This oil easily spreads from the face or the scalp to the rest of the hair making you feel like your hair is filthy even though you just washed it that morning. There are many methods to resolve this issue. You could eliminate oily products from your daily use. It may be difficult to find the best products for you and it can possibly get expensive, but it may be worth it. Eliminating this will reduce that oily feeling in your hair. Second, use blotting sheets on your face when your makeup gets oily to absorb it and prevent it from traveling to your scalp. Third, wash your face regularly in order to reduce the chances of this oily composition traveling onto your hair while you are sleeping or just casually resting at home for the day.


If you have a pretty active lifestyle, it may seem impractical to not wash your hair everyday without looking like you haven't showered. Sweat, similar to oil, makes your hair very oily quickly. To combat this issue, make sure to keep your hair up when working out. Wearing headbands can also help to absorb the sweat. Additionally, once the sweat dries on your scalp, use the dry shampoo to liven it up a bit, which can add some pleasant odor and cleansing to get rid of that dirty feeling.

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